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East Valley Fire Department

                                  Recruitment Drive                                  

Are you making a difference in your life? You can in others!  Become a volunteer firefighter.
It's a great way to do something important for your community, and for yourself.
If you have a desire to help others,
please contact us and see what being a volunteer is all about.
Please contact the East Valley Fire Department 457-8615.
Or come in and see us at 2003 Beaudry Rd, Yakima WA.
Must live in the fire district, be 18 yrs old, completed High School, and provide copy of Diploma or GED to apply.


In the State of Washington, we have a volunteer firefighter staffing challenge that is viewed as having both a recruiting and a retention problem. Overall, we have not recruited volunteers rapidly enough to keep pace with attrition. It is estimated that we recruit approximately 3900 new volunteers each year although that number continues to decline, and in recent years, we are losing about 3700 per year. Further, in Washington State, we are governed by a standard (NFPA 1720) that indicates the state actually needs 9000 more responders to provide adequate coverage and meet stated response times.